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FeatureCam, developed by Delcam, has a suite of CAD/CAM software which combines cutting edge technology with ease of use. Program your parts in a fraction of the time.

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Gale Force Technology can deal with your basic communications needs.  We can provide you with switch boxes and custom cables.

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Refresh Your Memory handles all kinds of communications needs.  From old BTR’s to full on DNC systems (wireless & wired).  They also have CNC monitoring capabilities.

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Gale Force Technology or our Affiliates can either hand program for your machines or utilize our CAM software to generate CNC code.

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John of GFT has many years assisting Machine Tool Distributors & Builders in Installing, training and servicing CNC’s.  He has been Factory trained in many areas as well as the countless years of hands-on experience.  Even with all this background, he does call upon his Service Affiliates for the more complex “service” jobs.

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We do provide these services for assisting you in the manner of determining solutions for your various problems and for giving direction for whatever your need may be.  Please call  or email your questions.

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We have on-site training available for  virtually any CNC machine.  Do you have old Bridgeport, Heidenhain or Cincinnati controls?  John has many years running and teaching all kinds of controls (Fanuc, Centroid, Anilam, Ez-Surf, etc.).

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